Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm 5

Sure wish I could turn 5 again.

The morning started off with a little mug o' Brian Williams for Eliza. I am appalled that NBC doesn't sell any Brian Williams gear (not even a size 5T shirt?) so like any good mother I had to take things into my own hands and have something made.

Cake batter pancakes for breakfast. Yes, they are as good as they sound.

Just your average 5 in 1, 3D princess bouncy house and water slide combo. So much fun.

As Lucas said, this party was sponsered by Pinterest. My fav was the lemon slices, blueberries and mint frozen cubes for the drinks.

I have been craving this cake since March when I first had a sample. Chocolate with peanut butter filling. Out of this world good. A quote from the evening:
"The people came to celebrate a child's 5th birthday but the left completely blown away by the beautiful AND yummy cake."
~Christina Babin July 1st, 2012
Thank you Miss Jen!

Our sweet girl opening gifts from family.

The kids even got a little crazy about the cake. We almost had to shut down the place for security reasons when the children franticially shouted at Lucas to eat specific colored dots on the cake.

12 day old Cameron wins the prize for being the youngest in attendance.

Watch out though. One day they are 12 days old and the next they think they are 21 years old. Who brought this kid?

A sweet end to the party. To overcome a traumatic experience where my older brother took my huge rainbow lollipop on my 5th birthday, I had to buy these for the guests.

I know we all say this over and over as parents, but I truly can't believe our 1st born is 5 years old. It means she is a kid. Eliza told me she is so excited to be 5 because now she can be in Kindergarten. This is a big deal my lovely little one. Enjoy the years to come.


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