Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are you two?

We kept on with the birthday parties this week so we could officially celebrate Anderson turning two! If you ask him though it might be questionable.
"Anderson, are you two?"
"No. Two."
He is a chatterbox and everything he says ends in a high note like he is asking a question. He loves counting to ten and his favorite joke right now is to say "Golf?" at the end of everything. He tells Lucas there is a tree and an owl on his wall and then follows with "Golf?" When Lucas tells him No, there isn't golf on the wall!" he laughs and says "Funny?"
For his birthday I thought we should try something new that takes advantage of summer fun. Eagle Island State Park is close, has water, picnic tables and doesn't involve cleaning my house.

We started off with the letter of the day "A". Pancakes must be the way I express my love for my children.
Heading to find the perfect spot at the park. The grandparent troops part 1.

Part 2

We scored a lovely shaded area and settled down to party.

Sister was just as excited to help us celebrate.
Lucas had to work late and met us there. When he comes home from work the kids yell "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Same thing goes at the park too.

After a swim a boy gets tired and needs a beverage break.

Still at it with his buddy.

Sweet yummy little boy.

So you want me to blow on these hot things you always want me to stay away from?

Mmmm. Cake.

Plate licking is always acceptable at your own party.

He reminded me of a person dressed up like a hobo with a fake beard.
Thank goodness Eliza was there to help Anderson open his presents. In case you forgot, she is 5 now. Don't worry. She will remind you in about 10 minutes. 

Much like his father, he felt the need to mow the lawn. Immediately.

Oh golf!

Best looking hat I have ever seen.
Grandma Pam helping him set his tee.

He moves the club so quickly you can hardly see it.

Once we got home it was time to give Anderson our family gifts. Lucas brought in his new balance bike and he immediately said "bike, bike!" The seat was up too high so Lucas went into the garage to get a tool to lower it. Anderson thought that would take too long and decided to get his trusty stool to help himself up to the bike!

Very curious to watch the tools work.

He loves it!

Happy 2nd birthday to our little guy who always makes us laugh and brings such joy to our family.

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